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Username Contact Team
loriti Friends only Awaken Militia A [rl], Just FF (ForFun) :) [rl], Baobab Gaming RL [rl] View Profile
Lorikeets Friends only The Crowns [xrl], PusiEaters [rl] View Profile
LoridasRL Friends only Lol idk [rl], Horizon Esports [rl] View Profile
loreo Friends only judgement day [br], Belittled Bois [br], Nalwuts [br], Big Bois with Big Tois [br], Christian Crusaders [br], we dem bois [br] View Profile
lordvanticus Friends only Lordgrindleton [rl] View Profile
LordSashar Friends only INTeresting [br] View Profile
lordpuncakes Friends only Lord2YouSir [rl] View Profile
LordKneezus Friends only Strive To Drive [rl] View Profile
LordFarka Friends only Club 80 [rl], Club 80s [xrl] View Profile
LordeZach Friends only Moc 5 [rl], Kool Kidz Klub [rl], Kool Kids Klub [rl], Gizmo Lives Matter [rl] View Profile
LordDerppington Friends only CarryDaCroak [br] View Profile
LordDabz Friends only Bird Lawyers: Attorneys at Caw [br] View Profile
Lordcribbage Friends only Bollywood [rl] View Profile
lord of the pickles Friends only No Team View Profile
Lord Dork123 Friends only AZ10 [xrl] View Profile