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PRL Launch Day Wrap Up
by DuvielJul 9, 2016 08:28pm

PRL Launch Day Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone that participated!

First off, obligatory HUGE thank you to everyone for coming out yesterday. It was an absolute pleasure to host the Rocket League community in one of our events and we hope you all had as much fun as we did; even through some of the rough patches we had.


Let's address some of those rough patches that we went through last night first and then I'll release all of my hype regarding the tournament.

*  The biggest issue we had was that we got hacked. At approximately 4:45 PM PST(15 minutes before tourney start), our site was attacked by an individual who deleted our tournament and posted troll content on our front page. He also deleted two user accounts(Kronovi and Insolences. Props to your fame for getting attacked through our site) as well as removing
our admin accounts.

  Upon learning what happened, we were able to immediately remedy the situation and restore our website to it's original condition as well as secure it. We did not lose any data and passwords were not compromised
despite the attack saying that our passwords were unsafe. All of the passwords are encrypted; not even we have access to them. He simply used an exploit we were unaware of where that was a PHP error and he was able to perform admin abilities without an admin account.

  We would actually like to thank the guy for simply proving that we work incredibly well under pressure and had a full recovery within 20 minutes. So, thank you :)

1. Our broadcaster ran into some pretty major technical issues that lasted the entirety of the stream. We believe his sound card(he's a big audio guy) was shorting out. He also ended up losing internet for a moment. We've
run through extensive tests in the past and anyone who has caught our pre-launch video footage can claim that we've never had technical issues like that before.

  We'll have this corrected with absolutely no problem.

2.  One of our unique abilities and features that we possess and are very proud of failed to work last night and unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about it. You all got to catch
a glimpse of the heat maps and post-game stats. If you didn't Rocket League Central captured a screenshot of them and [posted a tweet about it](https://twitter.com/RocketLGCentral/status/751226420446179328).

  The host site for these had a bit of hiccup and this should also be a quick fix for the future.

3.  General site problems. A lot of people commended us and some people had some great constructive criticism and how we could make it a little better. We are actively working towards bettering
our platform to give everyone the best possible experience. The criticism was and is incredibly appreciated.

Now that that is out of the way....

Big congratulations to camXD, which consisted of Kronovi and Insolences. They were our winners for the night claiming the first place prize pool of $250. They fought through a couple tough teams to
land themselves in finals. Some of these teams consisted of Big Bois(Jacob and Sadjunior), Emote Elitist(brother and LemonLG), and Fearless Poo Flingers(SoftGoat and Marky). Once making it to the finals, they were able to conduct a dominant performance against Neo(Laz and Pepiope).

No discredit towards Neo, our second place performers. They played very well to make it to the finals where they settled with the $100 second place prize.
Some of the teams they had get through to make it there includes Prime5ive(Low5ive and Primethunder), Retrograde(TheClasse and Icicicle), and Dominus Pizza(Vafele and AirRejectz-).

Our third place match was a well fought match between Fearless Poo Flingers and Dominus Pizza where Fearless Poo Flingers were able to take it the end for the third place prize of $50.
Fearless Poo Flingers had performed very well for the entirety of the tournament and were looking very promising to make it to the finals, but unfortunately for them, one lost series in a single elimination tournament is all it takes to ruin everything. To their credit, their lost series was an incredibly hard fought
match between camXD and them. They went all 3 games in some very close matches.


If anyone would like to catch any of these games, our VOD is a little split because of our broadcaster's technical difficulties, but last few series can be found here https://www.twitch.tv/prorl/v/76857751

You can check out the other segments  here https://www.twitch.tv/prorl/v/76834144 and here

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