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PRL's Response to the RLRS Season 4 Bans
by QuentillionaireSep 21, 2017 03:16pm

PRL's Response to the RLRS Season 4 Bans


Today (September 21, 2017), RLCS Admins issued bans to 5 players due to violations of multiple RLCS rules. While this infraction did not take place in a Pro Rivalry tournament, we feel strongly that it is our responsibility as a tournament organizer to uphold the competitive integrity of the Rocket League scene.

To reinforce the idea that professional Rocket League players should be pillars for the community to look up to, PRL has and will continue to stand with tournament organizers that issue bans for cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct at the highest level of play. Therefore, PRL has decided to implement a suspension on all players involved for 6 months (March 21, 2018).

Cheating has no place in Rocket League, and we hope that the lessons learned from these bans and suspensions will dissuade cheating from taking place in any tournament.

The suspensions apply to the following players:





King Wizard


For more information on the bans, visit the announcement on the RLCS website: https://rlcs.gg/news/rlrs-competitive-ruling-nav

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